Concierge 300x300 - 3 Steps to Quality Concierge Services 

3 Steps to Quality Concierge Services 

The competitive world of concierge service begins and ends with the satisfaction of the customer. For any business to be relevant in this high-demand industry, they need to genuinely care about their clients and be on a never-ending mission to satisfy their needs and desires. Accomplishing this endeavor requires a concierge that is kind and strategic. Here are three elements to look for in a concierge service. The businesses who follow these techniques separate themselves from their competitors and offer a quality service that pleases their clients.

1) A Quality Concierge Always Over-Delivers

In the concierge business, a competitive advantage is created by providing exceptional service, assistance that is beyond the client’s expectations. For instance, if a great concierge agrees to walk a client’s dog, they will fully deliver on that promise. Additionally, if they are aiming to over-deliver, they might give the dog a nice brushing as well. A well-respected concierge is in the business of meeting and exceeding expectations. Consider the fact that many clients ask their concierge to secure tickets to entertainment venues, such as a sporting event. A good concierge can secure tickets for a game that is sold-out, a game that is seemingly impossible to obtain tickets for. The best of the best use their energy, enthusiasm, and cleverness to stand out from the crowd.

2) A Quality Concierge Understands Their Local Services

A concierge is often in the business of making recommendations to their clients. To illustrate, a client may want to eat Asian food, but they will not have a particular place in mind. Going on Yelp and looking up a nice Asian restaurant, is not the worst idea for a concierge. However, a quality concierge makes it a point to visit as many eateries as possible, and they make more authentic recommendations for the client. The Harvard Business School estimates that nearly 20% of online reviews are not authentic. Obviously suggesting a sub-optimal restaurant is something that a quality concierge avoids at all costs. The takeaway here is not that online reviews are bad, but a quality concierge seeks as many personal experiences as possible, so they can give organic recommendations.

3) Quality Concierges Are Always Available

A concierge business is not a typical 9 to 5 job. Quality concierges are on the clock 24/7, so they can distinguish their brand. For instance, sometimes a businessman will call at 3:00 A.M. and say they need to book a last minute flight to New York. A quality concierge will deliver those tickets. Other times, they will wait on Ticketmaster, so they can buy the hottest concert tickets the second they come out. Depending on when the sale starts, this might be outside normal business hours. As a concierge, they know need to be flexible and pliable in order to meet their customer’s needs.

Finding a quality concierge is not easy, because not all of them follow the three aforementioned steps. A low quality concierge service can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, UKTogether is dedicated to these principles and to their customers.




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